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Why Become An Influencer?

The ultimate goal for any successful professional is to become an influencer in their respective field. Influencers are individuals with a significant following and an authentic voice in the industry — they lead and set direction for others. Establishing yourself as an influencer dramatically enhances your reputation and credibility, which directly translates to business success.

Why does your organization need advocates?

It has been proven that employee advocacy can rapidly expand the brand. “Humanizing the Brand” increases trust with the community and consumers, reduces advertising costs, and is more effective than traditional channels. This trend will continue as the market shifts into an experiential and influencer model.


Why convert advocates to Influencers?

It has long been recognized that the entire organization needs to be client focused. What is critical is that the advocates have a strong digital presence to reinforce authenticity when sharing content, speaking, engaging clients, and through leadership roles. Authenticity and a great digital image become paramount when converting an advocate to an influencer.


Our Proven Influencer Development System


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Our Proven Influencer Development System

Set Goals & Objectives – It is important to know the desired outcome. Are you looking to increase brand equity, want key speaking gigs, media appearances, or even simply referrals? No matter what the goals is, we will build the persona, story, network , content and results to drive toward that goal.

Score Current Status – We cannot take the person to their goals and objectives until we understand the current state of their influencer status. We have a 9-stage scoring system that we use to measure and build that professional to the ideal state influencer.

Create Persona & Profiles – We perform a thorough intake of each person to truly understand who he or she is, and what makes him or her unique; then we create a memorable and dynamic marketing persona. Next steps are to build the social media profiles so that they professionally and consistently represent that person’s brand.

Build Ideal Network – This next step is critical to success. We identify the target network, or what we call the “Social Team” so that simple engagement and interaction with the team will generate targeted referrals to meet the desired goals. We take the individual’s current network, activate it, and then immediately start drafting new participants to achieve that ideal “Social Team”.

Produce High Yield Content – We procure and deliver content that the target network is already responding to. This creates a higher engagement rate from the newly activated network.

Scoring Influence – It is important to deliver results, so we keep in check with the results that are being produced in network growth, engagement, and results.

Coaching and Training – We provide the soon-to-be Influencer with the proper coaching and training support so they now know how to engage with their new network, how to convert and keep the momentum moving. Once our proprietary “Social Teaming” system is learned, it can be applied to other objectives down the road.

Launch Influencer – It’s time to introduce our repositioned Influencer to the world. We use our proven SEO driven Press Release system, along with targeted content to let the world know it is time to hire, promote or buy from our newly positioned professional.

Measure Results and Continue – Our proprietary “Social Teaming” methodology applies the skills of our unique scouting and drafting process with our Social Jack™ scoring system so that influencer network development is ongoing. This allows the professional and the organization to consistently build and grow.

Influencer Development Packages

Professional Build and Promote Package

Ideal for Career Advancement

• Get Noticed in Your Field
• Build Your Personal Brand
• Become Known as a Thought Leader
• Increase Recognition and Promotions
• Build Stronger Professional Network

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Executive Build and Promote Package

Ideal for Corporate Executives

• Support Building the Company Brand
• Build Your Personal Brand
• Become an Authentic Thought Leader
• Increase Executive Presence
• Build a Powerful Professional Network

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Scouting and Drafting Package – Social Appointment Setting and Conversion

Ideal for Professionals Needing More Appointments
• Message Current Targeted Network Connections
• Connect with New Targeted Connections
• Set Appointments
• 3-Month Starter Program

*Other Packages Available for Increased Conversion

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Top Producer Build and Promote Package

Ideal for Sales Professionals

• Build Professional Brand
• Become Thought Leader in Your Field
• Attract Targeted Clients
• Develop Powerful Referral Network
• Scout Ideal Targeted Prospects

Speaker Build and Promote Package

Ideal for Speakers and Authors

• Build Professional Speaking Brand
• Become Thought Leader in Your Industry
• Attract Paid Speaking Opportunities
• Develop Powerful Conference Network
• Scout Ideal Targeted Events

speaker build and promote package

Organization Build and Promote / Brand Accelerator Package

Ideal for Small to Mid-size Companies

• 3-Month Program
• Establish and Confirm Goals
• Create Digital Brand Identity
• Create Ideal Target Profile
• Analyze Competitors
• Scout Target Content

• Optimize 3 Primary Social Channels
• Create High-Yielding Content Shares
• Influencer Training and Coaching
• Monthly Social Media Posting 5x a Week

* Includes Press Release

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We activate your current network to bring the ideal network to you.

This program will create brand awareness and credibility, build community, enhance thought leadership, fill events, increase engagement, and attract new business.

Ask today how Social Jack™ puts the engagement, fun and influence into your organization, people and events.